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Get Slayed: New Digs for Customization

So you’ve had your eyes on our Instagram. And you’re starting to imagine a custom Slayer with your name on it. Where do you begin?

We’ve got just the place.

All of the info about customizing Slayer is now right here, not more than a few clicks, taps, scrolls, and swipes away. Start with the Custom home, then browse our metal options and wood palette. Oh, and remember to breathe.

Inspiration lives here:

Custom espresso machines Custom metal espresso machine Custom wood espresso machine
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Slayer Through the Years: V1, V2, V3, and Beyond

For every sensational product line and piece of kit, there’s – somewhere – a pile of dusty prototypes, a group of starry-eyed beta testers, and an R&D team in need of much R&R. Slayer started right along these lines (plus or minus the vacation time) but, if you’ve followed along, you’ll notice: we’ve come a long way.

“How did we get here?”, we sometimes wonder. The evolution of our favorite espresso machine has fascinated, enlightened, humbled, and amused us. Its stages are many; its process, fun; its result, fulfilling. Now, happily building Slayer V3, we’re remembering the earlier versions and tackling your big question: What’s the difference?

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Flavor Profiling

Slayer was conceived and designed from inception with one purpose – getting more from the coffee through flavor profiling.

With Slayer’s unique ability to flavor profile coffee, you can highlight flavor characteristics and make coffee better. Increase mouthfeel & body, acidity, sweetness and overall balance in the cup. As well, you can easily decrease acidity or bitterness and tailor the coffee to your liking.

Slayer – for the coffee aficionado

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How Fine Can You Go?

I’m often asked about the differences between Slayer and other machines that can manipulate brew pressure. Recently I’ve been emailing back and forth with someone trying to explain the difference and describe how much finer you can grind on Slayer compared to other machines – then I figured it was easier to shoot a quick video for him and thought I’d also post it online.

This specific video shows/demonstrates how much finer you can grind the coffee when you slowly pre brew with a slow flow rate on Slayer. The finer ground coffee results in a (generally) sweeter more balanced coffee with much more body.

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Slayer on King5 News

Slayer was recently featured by Jesse Jones of King 5 News. We had a great time hanging out and getting to know one another. Hope you like the video and the Barry White cameo :)

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Where espresso machines are born

Matt Buchanan (former deputy editor at, just tweeted me that he’d found the missing video from his Seattle trip several months ago. When he was here, he toured Slayer, Synesso and LM – check out what he had to say along with a nice video tour of our three companies: Where Espresso Machines Are Born

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Video – Slayer on Bizarre Foods

We just received the DVD from the Bizarre Foods – Seattle episode. Check it out below.

If you’re having problems viewing on your phone – click this link

Slayer – Bizarre Foods (Travel Channel) with Andrew Zimmern from Slayer Espresso on Vimeo.

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Last week, our Norwegian distributor New Works installed the world’s first Slayer 2.0 machine into No3 restaurant. We are proud to have them as our first Slayer 2.0 clients and look forward to the waves they make in the Norway coffee scene. Photo’s of No3′s Slayer courtesy of  Martin Scherer

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Season’s Greetings Everyone!



Thoughts on business on Slayer on the past and future year.


This post is rather a rambler.


So before going further, I want to thank you all for your support this year.  2009 was an epic year for us.  This was the year we completed designing, and finally introduced, and began building the Slayer.  For over two years prior we’d been working toward 2009.

And our work continues.  We continue to fine-tune Slayer.  There are some components that we are improving and some features that we are adding in 2010 to make the machine better yet. These improvements are based on what we’ve learned from the field, from cafe operators using Slayer in the real world.

Many people have experienced both espresso and brewed coffee on Slayer already.  Even more will hopefully get the chance when we introduce a brand new brew mechanism early next year.   Over the past few months my attention has been galvanized on getting this work completed, which has been both exciting and all-consuming!

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Slayer: “An Irrational Exercise in Exuberance”

BeanScene Cover

Bean Scene Magazine (click here to view)  in Melbourne featured Slayer as the cover story for their November issue.  The article was an over-the-top free association on Slayer and I just loved it.  I especially enjoyed the way Steve captured the essence of Slayer as “an irrational exercise in exuberance” because this joy in creating a new super-functional machine that celebrates the human element illuminates our path even now.

You can read everything in the issue, but one final feature of the article worth noting is the way Slayer the machine is described in the context of the important new ways independent roasters and retailers are considering their business.  They are making money with coffee, raising the bar on quality for their customers, and doing good at origin through innovative thinking and exploration. . . and action.  Even if you are not roasting your own coffee, it is possible to align your cafe with an independent Third Wave roaster who is.

My thanks to Steve Agi, the editor of Bean Scene, coffee fanatic, and beloved “caffiend”.  Your article was terrific!

Eric in Seattle

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