New Custom Build: Vegas Glam at Luminous Coffee

If there’s one thing that won’t stay in Vegas, it’s the word on Luminous Coffee. The sun rises on Nevada’s newest cafe; here’s the custom Slayer at the center of it all.

Luminous Coffee Slayer rear view

Las Vegas is, in more ways than one, a desert. The I-15 corridor that connects Calgary to Southern California is bookended by fabulous coffee destinations, but is otherwise all but barren. Mason and Camden of Luminous Coffee are building an oasis in the sand.

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Serbia is Now Home to 5 Custom Slayers

If it’s not the place you would’ve guessed, you’re not alone. In fact, before meeting Dejan Bošković, we didn’t know the first thing about specialty coffee in the Balkans. We couldn’t have imagined what we were missing.

Custom Slayer with glass rear panel

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Get Slayed: New Digs for Customization

So you’ve had your eyes on our Instagram. And you’re starting to imagine a custom Slayer with your name on it. Where do you begin?

We’ve got just the place.

All of the info about customizing Slayer is now right here, not more than a few clicks, taps, scrolls, and swipes away. Start with the Custom home, then browse our metal options and wood palette. Oh, and remember to breathe.

Inspiration lives here:

Custom espresso machines Custom metal espresso machine Custom wood espresso machine
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(JOB FILLED) Now Hiring Seattle-Based Sales Manager

Slayer Espresso job opening ad image

This position has been filled. Watch our blog for future job opportunities at Slayer.

Our Seattle team is growing and we want you to be a part. If sales is your game and espresso your glory, read on.

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Slayer Through the Years: V1, V2, V3, and Beyond

For every sensational product line and piece of kit, there’s – somewhere – a pile of dusty prototypes, a group of starry-eyed beta testers, and an R&D team in need of much R&R. Slayer started right along these lines (plus or minus the vacation time) but, if you’ve followed along, you’ll notice: we’ve come a long way.

“How did we get here?”, we sometimes wonder. The evolution of our favorite espresso machine has fascinated, enlightened, humbled, and amused us. Its stages are many; its process, fun; its result, fulfilling. Now, happily building Slayer V3, we’re remembering the earlier versions and tackling your big question: What’s the difference?

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New Custom Build: Airstream Pop-Up by Ström Coffee

In Eastern Washington State, a new cafe serves espresso and pour-over from a vintage Airstream trailer. Step inside and you’ll see the most uncommon equipment, a machine that matches the rig. Now look at the barista: she’s hardly 8 years old.

You’re at Ström Coffee. That’s Miette. And this is her Slayer.

Strom Coffee trailer exterior

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New Custom Build: The Glass Slayer That You’ll Never, Ever See

An espresso machine that reveals all secrets – and a cafe that bares none. Stay close as we seek the facts concerning this fabled beast and its faceless master. And, remember, nothing everything is as it seems.

Behold: rumor realized and myth manifest. The glass Slayer, incarnate, extracts among us.

Glass Slayer rear panel

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Single Group Slayer: Here, Now, and WOW

It’s been a year since the project went public. Orders came in, prototypes piled up, and hype went sky-high. Finally, we’ve begun production of the Single Group Slayer and we have our first machine. Meet number one. Tweet: The world's best espresso machine is now available with 1 group. Stoked for @SlayerEspresso Single Group!

Slayer Single Group espresso machine front angle

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New Custom Build: Stunning Concept for Ninety Plus

Slayer’s collaboration with Ninety Plus is no coincidence. Years back, Jason and Steve Holt! (Ninety Plus, VP) spoke for the first time during a casual phone call; two hours later, they knew that they had just ignited a lethal spark.

When Ninety Plus joined us for the 2010 SCAA Event in Anaheim, it became clear that we were on to something. Pulling their Nekisse N2, we all enjoyed such nuance and clarity as we’d never before experienced. And we’ve been collaborating at trade shows around the world ever since.

Eventually, we learned about Ninety Plus’ hushed plans for a new retail concept. Working with them to design a special Slayer was a no-brainer, and the result is stupid-cool.

Ninety Plus Slayer espresso machine front view

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Slayer Goes to SCAA Seattle – Will You?

The SCAA Event comes to Seattle this year and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. Visit us at booth 9016 to sample the show’s best spro, prepared by the featured roasters below.

19 roasters, 3 machines, 1 booth. Rotating guests from all over North America will be brewing their best on two of our new single group machines, while Ninety Plus serves top-scoring espresso from a new, custom 3-group.

So, see you at the show? Tweet: Killer coffee lineup at @slayerespresso's #SCAA2014 booth. See you at the show!

Need help? Find us on the showfloor map!

Slayer SCAA Featured Roaster Poster

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